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First Day of Graduate Life

Since I dread reading simple blow-by-blows, all I will say about my first day as a PhD student is that I’ve missed being a student and that I am exhausted! The end.

Well I suppose that I should say a bit more than that. My first day was fantastic and both of those things I mentioned above are most certainly true. I hadn’t actually realized it until this morning, but being a student and attending lectures has been something I’ve missed. School has always been a huge part of my life, so I should not be surprised to be missing that atmosphere after not having it for the past 8 months. But I was surprised–I hadn’t even noticed until this morning.

I supposed that education is harder to miss than a person or a song or something like that simply because is so much larger than those things and therefore more faceted less tangible, kind of ubiquitous.

The second thing I mentioned, being wearied after a couple hours of class, actually reminds me of something I heard on a commercial the other day. You know those Lumosity ads where they talk about ‘exercise for the brain’ and ‘brain training’? Well, it may be accurate to say that my brain is out of shape for school. Perhaps there is a scientific way to measure this, but it is most certainly true. School is hard work, especially when out of practice.

For more in terms of blow-by-blow, there is always my journal entries from the day over on my notepad.

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