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Welcome to my lab’s website. Below you’ll find a list of who we are and what resources we currently have (please reach out if you want to collaborate!). This page here lists all of our currently active projects as well as select prior works.

Thomas Bryce Kelly (PI)

I’m an oceanographer and a Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The ocean is an amazing place, and I am excited to share my science of the ocean with you. I study how marine ecosystems interact with their physical environment. When not working I spend most of my time either on house projects or with my family our on a trail. Read my CV here.

Amy Lauren (Artist)

Amy Lauren is an award-winning filmmaker/artist working at the nexus between research, education and artistic practice. She specializes in immersive storytelling using virtual reality.
Learn more about her work here?.

Amelia England (UG)

A chemical engineering undergraduate at UAF, and now gone on to continue her degree at Georgia Tech, Amelia was a valued member of the lab. She focused on processing sediment trap samples for carbon and nitrogen analysis, as well as engaging local middle school and high school students via Alaska Science Stories.

Xavier Warren (UG)

Residing in the Bay Area, California and former computer science student turned geoscientist. I am highly interested in the plethora of applications that computer science has within the field of oceanography. I am currently working on two projects (1) a universally implemented production model for the Gulf of Alaska, and (2) a machine-learning approach to identifying and quantifying morphological features and ornamentation in ammonoid shells. When not working on research and studying, I enjoy going to the gym, hikes, and weekend golf games.

Committee Memberships

  • Hannah Kepner (MS @ UAF)
  • Stephanie O’Daly (PhD @ UAF)
  • Megan Brauner (PhD @ UAA)


Turner Trilogy Fluorometer

Langdon Amperometric Tritrator

Evolution 60S Spectrometer





Seabird AC-s Spectrometer

Seabird BB3

Sequoia LISST 200x

Chelsea Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer (FRRf)

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