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Photos of Photos

I’ve discovered a new technique in post-processing images that I feel holds a lot of promise when making prints that you want to be captivating and expressive. To save you from the details here are a few examples of the results. Since I am no artist I make no claims for the images except that I like […]

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Ray Tracing, or Why I bite off more than I can chew

I’ve spent countless hours and a considerable about of energy on getting my ray tracer up and running, and this is what I have achieved: While it may look like modern art[ref]Actually, since art exists independent of intent and as a result of a observer-entity interaction, this picture would be “art”. Whether it is modern […]

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A hobby I was happy to discover–and which I’ve been working on bits and pieces of for the past year or so–is photography. It all started after doing a bit of research into DSLRs cameras and what different brands had to offer, I finally pulled the trigger one day after wandering into a store and […]

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