Current and Past Projects

Current Projects

Virtual Reality for Alaska

VR for Alaska is an outreach program seeking to understand the efficacy and value of 360 degree filmography for STEAM education. Through this program we bring students into the Arctic to experience what field science is really like.

SEAS the Change

SEAS is a synthesis project bringing together observations from the Bering and Chukchi Seas to learn more about how nutrient supplies are changing and how that will impact the lower trophic levels of the Pacific Arctic.

Alaskan Marine Dynamics from Ocean Color

A combined education-science project investigating optical properties of the Gulf of Alaska for use in traditional remote sensing and in novel applications for fisheries oceanography.

Northern Gulf of Alaska LTER

A long term ecological research site located in the sub-polar Gulf of Alaska. This program maintains an extensive field campaign including oceanographic voyages, moorings, and gliders.

Previous Projects

California Current Ecosystem LTER


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