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Wood Florring in Tallahassee

Since starting on my kitchen remodel project last month, I’ve been uncertain about what to do with the floors. Currently the floors are simple, glued-down vinyl, which has worked great and makes a lot of sense over a slab foundation, but my kitchen deserves something a bit better.

Initially I figured tile would be the way to go since everyone loves the unyielding, easy clean surface that it offers. I actually went so far as to purchase several cases of a 12″x24″ porcelain tile for the job, but have since moved away from that idea. Since the modern look for the tile and the dark countertops were a bit at odds with the traditional oak cabinets, it made more sense to use the tiles in the bathrooms (also currently vinyl) and to find a new floor for the kitchen.

After thinking long and hard about the goals, the budget and the available materials, it seemed that a laminate flooring in the kitchen and living room would be the best option. Tile proved too hard to choose due to the limited selection in Tallahassee (in relative terms) and the limited budget. Engineered wood offered the benefits of solid wood flooring with applicability for a slab foundation. Nevertheless, engineered products are much more expensive than comparable laminates while also not adding much in the way of benefits[1].

Laminate flooring has come a long way in the past decade–from stuff you wouldn’t use in a shed to a quality finish material, and I am quite pleased with the lot we purchased for the kitchen and living room area, some 600 sq ft.

While not yet laid, the floor perfectly brings together the counter-tops and cabinets in the kitchen, while also making the wall color in the living room more attractive and richer. I’ll upload pictures as soon as possible!

  1. While it is nice to be able to refinish the surface a couple times, engineered wood comes with the same spectrum of quality as anything else. Especially at the lower end of the price range.
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