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Small Upgrades

I’ve always been amazed at what a small change or minute improvement can do for the aesthetics of a scene. ¬†Something as simple as clean window or as matching sets of items can really a significant improvement, so it was with this mindset that I decided to take a trip to Lowes and upgrade a few things around my house.

The two that I want to share with you today are 1. the new, matching plugs and switches around the house, and 2. the new porch light out front.

Ever since I moved in I’ve been picking up on funny little idiosyncrasies in the work that the previous owner(s) obviously did themselves–things like the shoddy¬†caulking jobs or miscut trim pieces. While none of it is of particularly poor quality of anything, it does stick out like a sore thumb, at least to me. One of those things was the mismatching plates and receptacles throughout the house. All the plugs and switches are ivory and the plates are all light almond. Since they appear in literally every room and generally make the construction look poor, I decided to switch all the receptacles to light almond to match the plates.

old outlet

new outlet








I decided to stick with light almond rather than ivory or white since it blends well into the walls and the plates all appear new anyway. I hope you agree that this simple 5 minute upgrade was worth it.

For my second upgrade I decided to switch out the front porch light. I don’t think I need to go into much detail regarding my reasons since I think it will be clear from the photos. The new light is a simple, cottage style lamp which fits well in the otherwise unthemed exterior.

old light new light


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