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A quick upgrade for the Jeep

It’s no¬†secret that I’ve been heading down to Apalachicola National Forest every chance I get, and my jeep will attest that the roads down there are quite “rural”. Depending on how the preceding weather has been the roads will either greet us with clouds of dust or deep-rutted mud. There are ditches, rocks and washed out roads aplenty down there, which is half the fun of heading down there for a hike or kayak trip. But it was at the end of a trail running excursion last weekend that I suddenly pieced together a micro project for the jeep.

A micro project, as I define them, is any short project that you can implement in about ten minutes. Now this class of projects does require some ingenuity and creativity, while also being novel. So no, making breakfast does not count.

The project I had in mind was a simple grill upgrade for the jeep. Not only does the wrangler not come with a stock grill, but with all the dirt-road miles I’ve been accumulating I even had an excuse to install one. So I stopped at Lowes on my way home and picked up a 3’x2′ sheet of punch aluminum, the sort of sheet metal you might use for decoration or as a open cover I suppose.

Less than ten minutes later, and these are the results.

Went from this:

To this:

2015-02-15 15.47.47 HDR


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