A hobby I was happy to discover–and which I’ve been working on bits and pieces of for the past year or so–is photography. It all started after doing a bit of research into DSLRs cameras and what different brands had to offer, I finally pulled the trigger one day after wandering into a store and handling one for the first time. This was the Pentax K30 and she’s been wonderous!

As far as hobbies go, photography is a pretty neat one since it gives you an excuse to spend time outside in nature or a reason to be wandering through the city; but as anyone that has spent time in New England would imagine, there are plenty of days when this ‘benefit’ can feel quite… well, chilly.Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 7.40.47 PM

Today was one of those days. With a gentle overcasted sky and a calm but persistent wind, I hoped that it would prove to be a productive camera day at the beach. My guess worked out and the soft lighting, tumultuous sky and the dynamic work of the breeze turned out perfectly. Nevertheless, it was freezing (check out the temperature chart[ref]Chart provided by Wolfram Alpha.[/ref]) and my best attempt to bundle-up was for nigh considering my exposed position on the beach.

So after a half hour of shooting I headed home nursing my aching hands. I did manage a couple keepers though, such as:


Instead of spending time shooting today, I finally started curating my work into a single place[ref]That place would be Flickr.[/ref] (yes, it took me over a year to do so!). While I still have tons and tons of shots to go through (2,500 maybe?) and process and upload, I’ve put a small sampling of my more memorable pieces up. Check it out (here) and let me know what you think.

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