Networking Jacks

This is a bit less a personal piece as much as an esoteric description of a system I recently discovered that anyone who is going to wiring up AV, telephone and/or ethernet networks should check out. The package is called the Keystone Module System [ref]Checkout the Wikipedia article for more info.[/ref]. It consists of a snap-in terminal set that are interchangeable and permit a highly customizable system to be places.

The faceplates themselves range from 1 to 6 space designs in order to accommodate whatever number of endings you need. You can imagine that for a home theater setup you might need access to HDMI, coaxial, and ethernet at one point (a three space faceplate) and in another place in the home might have telephone, coaxial, and ethernet. This wide range of possibilities is readily provided by the Keystone System.

Checkout the wide variety of headers and jacks that are compatible with this system [ref]I personally found that Monoprice had the best selection and prices for these components, but feel free to search further afield.[/ref].

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