Winery Adventures: Part 2

All the way back in August I first mentioned my hopes to grow grapes and make wine on the Kelly-Hubbard Farm, and today I have the privilege to update the narrative a bit. Over the past couple months we have been making inquires and picking out the grape varieties that should do well in the Pioneer Valley region of central Massachusetts. After purchasing a couple dozen stocks from a vine cutting place out west, we got to establish the first two rows of our vineyard just last week. While purely on a trial basis for the time being, I have hopes that we’ll see notable results from this test batch as the season progresses and the plants firmly establish themselves as long-term residents at the farm.

Unfortunately I do not have the names of the varieties we planted on me at the moment, I will be sure to include that moving forward, but here is what we have. I’ll let the pictures do the heavy lifting for me and leave it to you to stitch them into a narrative.

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