Florida State University (PhD Oceanography)2015 – 2020Dissertation
Florida State University (MS Oceanography)2015 – 2018Thesis
Boston College (BS Biochemistry)2010 – 2014

Research Experience

University of Alaska FairbanksResearch Assistant Professor2023 – present
University of Alaska FairbanksPostdoctoral Fellow2021 – 2023
Florida State UniversityPostdoctoral Fellow2021 – 2022
Florida State UniversityResearch Associate2015 – 2020

Recent Publications (prior 3 years)

  1. O’Daly S.H., Hennon G.M.M., Kelly T.B., Strom S.L., McDonnell A.M.P. in revision. Strong and efficient biological carbon pump in the Northern Gulf of Alaska during summer. Limnology and Oceanography.
  2. McGillicuddy D.J.Jr, Morton P.L., Brewton R.A., Hu C., Kelly T.B., Solow A.R., Lapointe B.E. in press. Nutrient and arsenic biogeochemistry of Sargassum in the western Atlantic. Nature Communications DOI: 10.1038/s41467-023-41904-4.
  3. Kehinde O., Bourassa M., Kranz S., Landry M.R., Kelly T.B., Stukel M.R. 2023. Lateral advection of particulate organic matter in the Eastern Indian Ocean and its role as a nitrogen source. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans. DOI: 10.1029/2023JC019723
  4. Stukel MR., Irving J.P., Kelly T.B., Ohman M.D., Fender C.K., Yingling N., 2023. Carbon sequestration by multiple biological pump pathways in a coastal upwelling biome. Nature Communications. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-023-37771-8
  5. Decima M., Stukel M., Nodder S., Gutierrez-Rodriguez A., Selph K., Lopes dos Santos A., Safi, K., Kelly T.B., Deans F., Morales S., Baltar F., Latasa M., Gorbunov M., and Pinkerton M., 2023. Salp blooms drive strong increases in passive carbon export in the Southern Ocean. Nature Communications. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-022-35204-6
  6. Gerard, T., Lamkin, J.T., Kelly, T.B., Knapp, A.N., Laiz-Carrion, R., Malca, E., Selph, K.E., Shiroza, A., Shropshire, T.A., Stukel, M.R., Swalethorp, R., Yingling, N., Landry, M.R., 2022. Bluefin larvae in oligotrophic ocean foodwebs, investigations of nutrients to zooplankton: Overview of the BLOOFINZ-Gulf of Mexico program. Journal of Plankton Research. DOI:
  7. Kelly, T.B., Knapp, A.N., Landry, M.R., Selph, K.E., Shropshire, T.A., Thomas, R.K., Stukel, M.R., 2021. Lateral advection supports nitrogen export in the oligotrophic open-ocean Gulf of Mexico. Nature Communications. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-23678-9
  8. Yingling, N., Kelly, T.B., Shropshire, T.A., Landry, M.R., Selph, K.E., Knapp, A.N., Kranz, S.A., Stukel, M.R., 2021. Taxon-specific phytoplankton growth, nutrient utilization, and light limitation in the oligotrophic Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Plankton Research. DOI: 10.1101/2021.03.01.433426
  9. Stukel, M.R., Gerard, T., Kelly, T.B., Knapp, A.N., Laiz-Carrion, R., Lamkin, J.T., Landry, M.R., Malca, E., Shiroza, A., Shropshire, T.A., Selph, K.E., Swalethorp, R., 2021. Plankton food webs of the Gulf of Mexico spawning grounds of Atlantic Bluefin tuna. Journal of Plankton Research. DOI: 10.1093/plankt/fbab023
  10. Stukel, M.R., Kelly, T.B., Landry, M.R., Selph, K.E., Swalethorp, R., 2021. Sinking carbon, nitrogen, and pigment flux within and beneath the euphotic zone in the oligotrophic, open-ocean Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Plankton Research. DOI: 10.1093/plankt/fbab001
  11. Selph, K.E., Swalethorp, R., Stukel, M.R., Kelly, T.B., Knapp, A.N., Fleming, K., Hernandez, T., Landry, M.R., 2021. Phyto-plankton community composition and biomass in the oligotrophic Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Plankton Research. DOI: 10.1093/plankt/fbab006
  12. Landry, M.R., Selph, K.E., Stukel, M.R., Swalethorp, R., Kelly, T.B., Beatty, J.L., Quackenbush, C.R., 2021. Microbial food web dynamics in the oceanic Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Plankton Research. DOI: 10.1093/plankt/fbab021
  13. Knapp, A.N., Thomas, R.K., Stukel, M.R., Kelly, T.B., Landry, M.R., Selph, K.E., Malca, E., Gerard, T., Lamkin, J., 2021. Constraining the sources of nitrogen fueling export production in the Gulf of Mexico using nitrogen isotope budgets. Journal of Plankton Research. DOI: 10.1093/plankt/fbab049

Awards, Fellowships & Grants

2024Organic matter sources and cycling in the glacially-influenced marine environment of the Northern Gulf of Alaska, CICOES$\\$50,000$
2023Northern Gulf of Alaska LTER Phase 2, National Science Foundation$\\$6,375,000$
2023Extending UxS-based ecosystem monitoring across trophic levels in support of Alaska Fisheries management, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration$\\$496,668$
2023Immersive Experiences in Alaskan STEM Education, North Pacific Research Board$\\$10,000$
2022Trophic Ecology of Southern Bluefin Tuna Larvae in the NE Indian Ocean, Spanish
Ministry of Science and Innovation
None Requested
2022OCE Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation$\\$303,000$
2022A Sea-scale Effort to Assess Sensitivity to Change in Nutrients and Ecosystems within the Pacific Arctic, North Pacific Research Board$\\$618,877$
2021Enhancing ocean color remote sensing tools to better constrain fishing forecasting
models in a critical subarctic system
, National Aeronautical and Space Administration
2018Winchester Scholar, Winchester Foundation$\\$26,000$

Outreach & Professional Development

Field Experience

2023 (45 days)NGA LTERPacific Ocean
2022 (46 days)NGA LTERPacific Ocean
2022 (48 days)BLOOFINZ-IOIndian Ocean
2021 (32 days)NGA LTERPacific Ocean
2020 (46 days)Palmer LTERSouthern Ocean
2019 (35 days)CCE LTERPacific Ocean
2019 (30 days)SalpPoopPacific Ocean
2018 (26 days)BLOOFINZ-GOMGulf of Mexico
2017 (26 days)BLOOFINZ-GOMGulf of Mexico
2017 (30 days)CCE LTERPacific Ocean
2016 (12 days)NSF Chief Scientist TrainingPacific Ocean
2016 (15 days)CalCOFIPacific Ocean
2016 (30 days)CCE LTERPacific Ocean
Total: 421 days at sea


  • URSA Awards – Reviewer
  • Siberian DBO Workshop – Representative
  • Pelagic Imaging Group – Organizer
  • Alaska Marine Science Symposium – Session Chair
  • Student Committee – MS, PhD, PhD
  • CFOS Mentorship Program – Volunteer
  • Southeastern Biogeochemical Symposium – Organizer


  • UAF Educational Showcase 2024 – Exhibitor
  • Classroom Visits for Alaska Science Stories – Lead
  • Alaska Tribal Conference for Environmental Management – Exhibitor
  • AK Hurricane Bowl – Volunteer Judge
  • Lean County Science Fair – Volunteer Judge

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