Daily Dose

Some Frightful Freight Fun

Primarily for logistical reasons I was put in charge of the Stukel lab’s cruise preparation for the upcoming CCE LTER process cruise (P1908). Overall the cruise prep went smoothly except that we’re still waiting for a few last minute order to come in. Since out lab group is taking on a lot more responsibilities for this cruise we have a commensurate increase in the stuff we need to bring.


Here are our two pallets, each weighing in between 300 and 400 kg.

My only real concern with the whole process has been in the scheduling and communication with the shipping company (Fedex) since we’ve had issues in the past. Since out building has no loading dock and the parking lot is an intricate maze, we’ve had trouble convincing the company to send a small truck with a lift gate. On pervious cruises this has meant days of trial and error as trucks show up and then have to turn around without our pallets. So far it seems this time is no different, the pickup today was cancels and rescheduled for tomorrow.

Fingers crossed!


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