Daily Dose

Weekend Review: The little things

This weekend I decided to work on the list of those little things around that house that should be done yet are far from a priority. We all have those little miscellaneous jobs that are noticed from day to day and just as readily as they’re noticed they’re forgotten. Let’s get started killing them off.

First off was emptying all the trash bins from around the house. While it only takes a moment, I never seem to get to them until they are all overflowing with napkins and empty containers and what not. Easy.

Then I figured it would be a good time to focus on some of the outdoor things while the weather was cooperating. A quick rinse of the outdoor furniture with the hose, some blowing away of leaves with the leaf-blower and picking up some debris from the yard really squared away the driveway and entrance. Time to head back inside.

Dusting is the perfect opportunity to fix-up bookcases and tabletops, especially the ones that tend to get littered with junk mail and pocket change. I also used it as an opportunity to make note of other miscellaneous tasks that I would like to finish off today. Discovered tasks included the nailing in of some baseboard pieces, a few dirty door jambs that needed to be wiped down and a picture frame than needed to be hung.

Overall, with just a few hours of work, I was able to accomplish at least of handful of projects and get some cleaning done too. Let’s just say that it was an easy way to feel productive!

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