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Grassroots Learning: Independent Explorations

Taylor and myself have traditionally spent a fair bit of time outside of lectures and meetings going over material that we find interesting, confusing or useful. Often these topics would push one of us into delving more deeply into the literature or logic of the problem and then sharing the insight and answer with the other one. While this arrangement has gone swimmingly, we decided that a more formal arrangement and structured pursuit might be more beneficial in the long term. So we’ve decided to start a more or less informal lecture series to meet biweekly (titled iE for independent Explorations), and we even managed to shanghai our friend and colleague Erick for our plans.

Today we hashed out a tentative schedule and a summary of topics to be covered over the next few months in, as well as to review each other’s areas of interest and research foci in order to best focus our ongoing efforts. This statement serves as the introduction to a new series of articles on the material we cover as well as to invite interested participants to join our meetings or to possibly establish your own (small size is terribly important for such explorations).

Topics in (rough) order of appearance

  1. Spacial-temporal statistics (timeseries)
    1. EOF, PCA, Fourier, Laplace, etc
  2. Numerical methods and practical considerations
  3. Differential equations and solvers
    1. Review ODE/PDEs
    2. Numerical simulations
  4. Model generation pipeline (ongoing basis)
    1. Grid generation
    2. Boundary Conditions
    3. Physical forcings
    4. Preprocessing
    5. Model Run
    6. Postprocessing
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