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Kayaking in the Winter

Florida, I have to admit, is quite the place to live. Well, I might just be a tad biased considering that this¬†winter is giving most of the country nothing but blizzards and freezing temperatures from coast to coast. Today I headed out from university early[ref]It is a Friday after all…[/ref] to make full use of the day’s sunny weather and took my Oru kayak out for a dip.Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 21.13.38

Just west of the city is a large lake, Lake Talquin, and I decided to checkout the¬†transition zone between the lake and the Ochlockonee River that feeds it (Google Map). I had never been to this area before, but it reminded me much of the area north of Tallahassee where I went biking last weekend–except for there being more boats this time. I will definitely be coming back this way in the future.

And here are a couple requisite photos of the outing.

2015-02-06 13.36.282015-02-06 13.36.18


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