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Announcing my new Misc directory

I’ve started yet another endeavor to get my work organized into some system–or rather system of systems as it most often turns out to be. Recently the solutions for which I’m looking to find have to solve a problem that most people have and don’t realize. Most of my files and works were done by me for me, but few of them should be so limited as that.

Most of the code I’ve written should be available by others so that some of the frustration that I worked through might be curtailed for others[ref]For example, see my post of Finite Difference Schema.[/ref]. I figure it’s one of the ways that I can start paying it forward (and backward) for all the times that I’ve been helped out by individuals who simply chose to write up a simple yet useful step by step,code snippet or example.

So that is my hope for my new misc directory, and while it will surely change form and structure as it evolves to fulfill a need, I hope it might happen to be useful. Here it is,


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