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JetDrive for Macs

With a recent incident involving me and my external hard drive, I’ve realized that I really need to improve my data backup system. Luckily I was able to save the drive and all the data on it, but there is no guarantee that I’ll be so fortunate next time.

I’m one of those guys with a Macbook pro and a Solid State Drive (SSD) with a measly 128 GB of storage capacity. Hence the need for an external drive, which is awesome except that it doesn’t allow for hardly any redundancy. Since my laptop can’t hold much more than my programs and a few pictures and movies, just about all of my data is held in my external drive and no where else. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

JetDrive Module
A JetDrive SSD with case.

Looking around at the options I found a solution that was not only elegant but also novel to me. The name of the product is JetDrive and it is manufactured by Transcend [ref]The Official JetDrive website.[/ref], a company well know for their RAM modules and flash drives. In a nutshell, the JetDrive is a replacement or upgrade hard drive for your Mac. You purchase the drive with anywhere from 480GB capacity to 960GB; and then through an external enclosure, you can clone your current drive to the new one before swapping them out. So in the end your Mac has a brand new, high capacity SSD and you have a new external drive (what better use for your old SSD?).

For my purposes and with my budget I wont be upgrading my Mac anytime soon, but this should certainly be a possibility for anyone who is chronically running out of space on their Macbook. Another product to look into, albeit with much lower capacities, is the JetDrive Lite. This product is essentially a micro SD card that stays flush to the outside of the laptop so that you can leave it in all the time. But enough on this, just make sure your data is safe and duplicated!

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