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Biking around Warwick MA

Cycling Route from 09.12.14While my ride yesterday wasn’t my first ride out on the roads by the farm, it was the first with my new Fenix 2 sport watch made by Garmin. My first impressions of the area’s friendliness on the roads were quite positive and I only wish the roads around the cape were so wide and frequented by conscientious drivers[ref]Some of the consideration for bicycles I noticed while touring the area may have been due, I now realize, to their somewhat frequent encounters with slow moving tractors which are in many respects similar to cyclists.[/ref]. Most of the roads are extra wide with nice, clean shoulders that make riding quite enjoyable and independent of traffic. The wide roads make sense out there where there’s always lumber trucks, frequently slow equipment, and all too often a good snowstorm[ref]I am looking forward to testing this remark personally. I hope to get some opportunities to go xc skiing and snowshoeing all around the farm and Warwick State Forest.[/ref].

From the overview map above it should be obvious that my goal here was to explore some of the southern roads (southern from the farm that is) and to get a feel for the area. There are a number of roads I could have taken instead of these, but all in good time. Bottom line here is that I cannot wait to get back and already have some plans on which of the roads will be my next targets.

Now having said all of this, it also happens to be true that the area is far from flat; and from the perspective of a Cape Codder, the area presents a tremendous workout opportunity even if it comes at the expense of a shorter ride. Take a peek at the elevation profile below and you’ll see what I’m talking about. None of this elevation change (1677 ft gain) is all that much to write home about and generally served to highlight my low stamina for hills right now. But, it is a whole lot more than what is available on the cape!

Elevation Profile of Ride 09.12.14


Next weekend on the 20th, I’ll actually be riding my first structured cycling event: Harbor to the Bay. While it is not a race, I am looking forward to participating in a whole new sort of event–one I am sure will come with a whole new set of challenges.

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