Recently the field of Anthropology has been capturing yet another person into it’s net; anthropology has completely conquered my sensibilities. While I realize it is a bit early in our love affair to honestly attest to any long term plans and commitments, I must say that anthropology is a field that I may go to graduate school for. But where did my current interest in anthropology stem from and why am I enthralled with it? Also, where do I see this taking me in the future?

Well lets start by classifying and clarifying my previous interest in the subject field at hand. Perhaps my interets really began back when I was but 6 or 7 years old and completely taken by Egyptian history, language, and lore. To this day I remember printing off images of Egyptian artifacts along with language resources in the hope of transcribing and translating the inscriptions. Needless to say this activity was a nearly compete failure and no progress in understanding the hieroglyphs ever took place. Nevertheless the activity as a whole is apparently not for naught since the very memory of the attempt still rests with me today. From there my interest could have only increased due to my two week vacation in Egypt during April break of 7th grade (I believe). Where this all left me in terms of anthropology who knows, but it might have been a start.

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