Becoming a Floridian, again

Since some of you know of my exotic childhood of being raised in the Florida Keys, I wont dwell on that chapter of my life for too long. I lived for over fours years in the tropics and hurricane-prone chain of islands that extend off into the gulf of Mexico. While I was quite young at the time, my memories of the place are rather piecemeal and perhaps not the most robust; yet I recall the nice weather and gorgeous, blue water.

As fate would have it, I will be moving back down south once again. This time I will not be venturing quite so far, rather I will be making my home some 400 odd miles north of the Keys in the state capital of Tallahassee. By some miracle my application caught the eye of Dr Stukel at Florida State University, and he’s offered me a place in his lab. This invitation to join the department down at FSU was a bit of a surprise and very much welcomed. Since it is impossible to know what wheels are turning once you submit your application, my expectations were slowly fading as the days ticked by, hearing nothing. So hearing Dr Stukel reach out to me, and showing a wealth of support, I was ecstatic. FSU’s Oceanography department was the top program to which I applied and held in the highest regard by many.

Today I finally received an official letter of acceptance and which described a few of the remaining details of graduate school at FSU (including info about the stipend). Needless to say there is still much work and research to read up on before January, I can’t wait to get started. I’ll be flying down next week for several days with my father so that I can meet face-to-face with Dr Stukel as wells as to checkout the local real estate. I’ll let you know how each piece of the puzzle come together as I learn more.

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