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Paper of Note: Re-designing Distance Functions and Distance-Based Applications for High Dimensional Data

While it may be argued–and successfully so–that this is an article pertaining to an esoteric subset of computer science that few people will ever find practically useful, you may actually find it quite intriguing. I’ve found the article quite eye-opening and I’m certainly no computer scientist. What this article does do, which I feel is critically […]

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Paper of Note: Fast, Minimum Storage Ray-Triangle Intersection

Introduction Raytracing is modern computer graphics technique used to render life-like images for videos and animations. While it’s a relatively modern technique–coinciding with the birth of digital modeling–the inspiration for the methods can be traced back to ancient Greece. While some Greeks truly believed that our eye’s emit the ability to see and not that our […]

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Paper of Note: Chirality from Achiral Reactants

Introduction Chirality, or the handedness, of chemical compounds is an intrinsic property of many chemical compounds, especially those of interest to biology. While anyone familiar with biology will know that amino acids–the building blocks of proteins–are enantiomerically pure, it remains a lingering question of how it became this way. Nature generally proceeds forward without favoring […]

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