Deployment of a sediment trap in the Gulf of Mexico.

My research into the upper layers of the oceans entails both extensive field work as well as interdisciplinary computer modeling and laboratory experimentation. While not always particularly glamorous, this work has lead me to work with many amazing people with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Let me share now about what it is that I do.

Ecosystem Modeling

My work in ecosystem modeling involves trying to understand the flows of energy, material and chemicals through pelagic ecosystems. These ecosystems tend to contain distinctive assemblages of organisms which evolve through time and very with both depth and position.

A biogeochemist’s schema for ecosystem modeling.

Flows into the system


Flows out of the system


Educational Experience

BS from Boston College (2014) in Biochemistry, minor in Mathematics

PhD Candidate at Florida State University (ongoing) in Biogeochemical Oceanography

  • Southern Biogeochemistry Symposium Athens FL (poster)
  • Aquatic Sciences Honolulu (poster)
  • Ocean Science Meeting New Orleans (poster)
  • Southern Biogeochemistry Symposium Atlanta
  • ACS Dallas (poster)
  • AAAS Boston (volunteer)
  • Conference on Experimental Social SciencesĀ NYC
  • Physcon Orlando
  • Boston Bacterial ConferenceĀ Boston
  • Bluefin Tuna 2018 (upcoming)
  • CCE LTER 2017 (P1706) — 28 days
  • Bluefin Tuna Ecology Cruise (NF1705) — 28 days
  • UNOLS Chief Scientist Training Cruise — 16 days
  • CalCOFI 1611SR — 17 days
  • CCE LTER Rapid Response (el Nino) — 28 days