Peer-reviewed Publications

2020Wang, S., Kranz, S.A., Kelly, T. B., Song, H., Cassar, N. & Stukel, M.R., Lagrangian studies of net community production: assessing the effect of diel and multi-day non-steady state factors and vertical fluxes (2020), JGRO.
2020Kranz, S.A., Wang, S., Kelly, T. B., Stukel, M.R., Goericke, R., Landry, M.R. & Cassar, N., Lagrangian studies of marine production: a multi-method assessment of productivity relationships in the California Current Ecosystem upwelling region (2020), JGRO.
2019Kahru, M., Kelly, T. B. & Stukel, M.R., Satellite estimation of the sinking export flux of carbon in the California Current.
2019Kelly, T. B., Davison, P. C., Goericke, R., Landry M. R., Ohman, M.D. & Stukel, M.R., The Importance Of Diel Vertical Migrations Of Mesozooplankton For Supporting A Mesopelagic Ecosystem: An Inverse Modeling Approach In The California Current (in press). Frontiers in Marine Science.[HTML Preprint]
2019Stukel, M. R., Ohman, M. D. & Kelly, T. B., Carbon flux attenuation mediated by zooplankton in the shallow twilight zone: Flux feeders, sinking speeds, and the remineralization length scale (in press), Frontiers in Marine Science. [HTML]
2019Stukel M. R., Kelly, T. B., Aluwihare, L. I., Barbeau, K. A., Goericke, R., Krause, J. W., Landry M. R. & Ohman, M. D., The Carbon:234Thorium ratios of sinking particles in the California Current Ecosystem 1: Relationships with plankton ecosystem dynamics(2019), Marine Chemistry.[PDF Preprint][HTML]
2019Stukel, M. R. & Kelly, T. B.,The Carbon:234Thorium ratios of sinking particles in the California Current Ecosystem 2: A Theoretical Model (2019), Marine Chemistry.[PDF Preprint]
2018Kelly, T. B., Goericke, R., Kahru, M., Song, H., & Stukel, M.R., CCEII: Spatial and interannual variability in export efficiency and the biological pump in an eastern boundary current upwelling system with substantial lateral advection (2018) DSRI. [PDF][HTML]
2018Morrow, R. M., Ohman, M. D., Goericke, R., Kelly, T. B., Stephens, B. M. & Stukel, M. R., CCE V: Primary Production, Mesozooplankton Grazing, and the Biological Pump in the California Current Ecosystem: Variability and Response to El Nino (2018), DSRI.[HTML]
2018Stukel, M. R., Decima, M., Kelly, T. B., A new approach for incorporating 15N isotopic daa into linear inverse ecosystem models with Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling(2018), PLOS ONE. [PDF][HTML]
2017Yanchilina, A., Yelisetti, S., Wolfson-Schwehr, M., Voss, N., Kelly, T. B., Brizzolara, J., Brown, K., Zayac, J., Fung, M., Guerra, M., Coakley, B., Pockalny, R., Exploring methane gas seepage in the California borderlands (2017), EOS.[HTML]
2014Tamburini, F., Kelly, T. B., Weerapana, E., Byers, J.A., Paper to Plastics: An Interdisciplinary Research Project in Sustainability (2014), Journal of Chemical Education.[pdf][HTML]


In-prep & Submitted 

Wang, S. A., Kranz, S., Kelly, T. B., Stukel, M. R. & Cassar, N., Lagrangian studies of NCP: Assessing the effect of diel biological cycles and non-steady state systems (in review), JGR Oceans.
Ebling, A., Kelly, T. B., Bressac, M., Guieu, C. & Landing, W., The Missing Link: Characterizing the sea surface microlayer from a controlled atmospheric deposition event, L&O.
Kelly, T. B., Kranz, S. A., Song, H., Kahru, M., Ohman, M. D., Goericke, R., & Stukel, M. R., Particle Production and Transport: Vertical and Horizontal Export of Particulate Organic Carbon in a Sub-Mesoscale Filament.
Kranz, S. A., Kelly, T. B., Wang, S., Stukel, M. R. & Cassar, N., Dissolved O2/Ar indicate rapid spatial and temporal changes in NCP along and across an upwelling filament in the California current ecosystem.
Kranz, S. A., Wang, S., Kelly, T. B., Stukel, M. R. & Cassar, N., Lagrangian studies in NCP II: Dissolved O2/Ar measurements and NCP analysis along an across-shore upwelling filament in the CCE-LTER region, JGR.
Kelly, T. B., Stukel, M. R. & Kranz, S., A Reusable Pipeline for NCP Modeling from Oxygen Argon Measurements (in prep), Geoscientific Model Development.
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