This is a listing which should need no introduction but I should explain a bit about the organization used here. As originally conceived of in this post, this page summarizes the past and current projects undertaken by me, @TBryceKelly, and cataloged by project name.

Graduate School (2)

[Aug 2014 – current] Since a masters degree has become the new bachelors when it comes to the always competitive jobs market, I am resolved to continue my search for a graduate program even with the fiasco that turned out to be my #GraduateSchool experience. This time around I am applied for MS or PhD programs in an interdisciplinary field called, perhaps unhelpfully, biogeochemistry. Ever since my research with Dr Papineau back in 2012, I have been struggling to find research that I enjoyed as much as his. To that end I’ve applyed to a modest number of programs, which fulfill both my preconceptions and aspirations of what programs are suitable.

Since January 2015 I’ve been in a PhD program in Oceanography at FSU. The program has been great for me so far and I’ve worked on an inverse modeling project, Apalachicola Bay field project, and am currently pursuing other research topics as well.

Graduate School (1)

[Feb 2014 – Aug 2014] Since the importance and value of education is, and has been, a central tenet of my worldview whereby wealth and destitution can both be mitigated for the sake of happiness. Now I won’t be making this into a lengthy soliloquy on some utopia crafted from academia, I would like to impress on you that I believe that teaching is an ennobling and fruitful profession–one of which I could fittingly see myself in. Next semester (Fall 2014), I will be returning to Boston College to pursue a Masters of Education in secondary education.

Due to a cascade of miscommunication and precipitated by a funding issue, I will not be attending BC for my masters. Instead I will apply and seek out new opportunities: #GraduateSchool2.


[2013 – 2015] Opportunity came calling when my family discovered a foreclosed, half-renovated house on the market. As luck would have it this place would not only be less than a mile down the road but it would also be in good neighborhood, a great school district, and be in a condition that few would consider purchasing. All that lead us to sweep it up for a killer deal and with a similar-veined opportunity for flipping.

While certainly this represents only a single header of a bunch of smaller projects (everything from landscaping to window replacement and hardwood floor refinishing) but to keep it simple, let’s leave all the further demarcation for the posts themselves.


[Aug 2013 – current] Originally described in the first issue of Winery Adventures back in August of 2013, this is a multi-year project and dream to craft a vineyard on the Kelly-Hubbard Farm in Warwick, MA. The first two rows of grapes started this spring and have been growing well and establishing themselves as healthy, viable plants much to our delight.

You can follow the grapes (and the rest of the farm) in more detail at their very own blog.

Peace Corps

[2013] If Boston College has awoken any one thing within me it is the need to connect reflective thought with useful action. Perhaps it is this quote from the 4Boston mission statement that best summarizes, albeit rhetorically and with perhaps a bit too much flourish: “action without reflection risks despair and reflection without action risks irrelevance.” Nevertheless, I feel it would be my duty and privilege to experience something as foreign and grounded as the Peace Corps once I graduate.

This project has taken an unexpected turn, and to both my disappointment and regret I’ve declined my invitation to teach science in Sierra Leone.

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