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You know those little character traits and passions of interest that you can’t help but notice in yourself no matter what stage of life you’re in or what your current interests are? Well, what I have noticed in myself is a deep desire to archive and record the present in order to know the past and to prepare for the future. Sure that sounds quite philosophical, but just look around. This site is a manifestation of my hope to record the present. Enjoy.


After graduating from Barnstable High School in 2010, I attended Boston College where I pursued my interests and took an active part in student life. By senior year I was elected to leadership positions in several student clubs as well as being elected as a senator in the student government. In academic pursuits, my interests were always quite diverse and multifaceted as illustrated by my research fellowships in the physics, biology, and geology departments. I graduated in May of 2014 with a B.S. in biochemistry with coursework in philosophy (15 credit hours) and mathematics (18 credit hours).

After taking a year off to spend time at home and building on my home renovation skills, I decided to pursue a degree in the multidisciplinary field of oceanography. Back in January of 2015 I started a PhD program with Florida State University in oceanography. I have been working on several projects including an inverse model from the California Current, a new radionuclide disequilibrium method, an independent study group (including a modeling of Apalachicola Bay), and several other projects as opportunities arose. I completed my preliminary exams in September of 2016 and look forward to working towards my dissertation.


While pursuing my studies at Boston College I discovered my passion for education and outreach. After honing the skills necessary to teach and tutor in a variety of subjects, I directed a the BC Splash program for a semester. After this experience I further extended my background through the Paper2Plastics program wherein I taught a small group of highschool woman in the BC chemistry’s research labs. The summer after graduation I was an assistant teacher for 6 weeks for i2Camp, a STEM summer camp for middle school aged children, where I taught astronomy, environmental health, and oceanography.


As an avid outdoorsman I enjoy undertaking new adventures and challenging myself mentally and physically through sports such as trail running, climbing, and kayaking. In 2012 I started undertaking ultra-marathons and other long-distance events.

Indoors my interests in technology and science has developed into an interest in programming, computer design, and novel research into data compression and information technologies. Reading and writing are also omnipresent in my daily life. In my free time I also pursue a variety of research interests independently including linguistics, sociology, anthropology, and history.


I can be reached via email at any time at tbk14 at my dot fsu dot edu or find me on social media (on this page’s header!). Questions about any of my projects, posts, et cetera are always welcome and encouraged.

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